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Guan's (USA) Inc.
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About Guan's (USA) Inc.

Mr. Dianfu Guan, Owner of Guan's (USA) Inc., has been in the seafood and food processing businesses for 20+ years, and has been affiliated with companies spanning the seafood, food processing, ocean fishing, packaging, hospitality industry, and real estate spheres in countries throughout Asia and Africa.  

Ms. Cuimei Niu, Vice President of Guan’s (USA), Inc., has been working with Mr. Guan for the past 20 years. Ms. Niu has been assigned to be in charge of the overall business development of the Company in Oregon, and is experienced in the areas of seafood processing and the relative industry. 

The Company believes that sound business practices, production and distribution of high quality products, exceptional customer service, and obtaining a reputation as a preferred employer will lead to the Company’s overall success in the United States.​


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